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sysgen -- make new CapROS volume


sysgen [-m mapfile] [-b baseOID] volume image_file


The sysgen utility maps the content of the CapROS image file image_file (from mkimage) onto the specified CapROS volume. Pages in the CapROS image file are written to divisions in the volume sequentially, followed by Nodes. Any capabilities within the image file are relocated to reflect the final locations of these objects on the actual volume before being written.

If mapfile is specified, sysgen outputs there the mapping of indexes in the image_file to oid's in the volume.

Object IDs for objects will be assigned beginning with baseOID (0 if not specified.)

The principal reason for distinguising between image and volume files is flexibility -- the image file captures the logical relationships between pages and nodes, while the volume file captures the representation of these objects on some particular physical medium. Separating the two files eliminates the need to store images of zero pages, and also allows the choice of volume to be made long after the system image has been constructed.

One way to think of the sysgen utility is as a relocating loader for CapROS images.


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