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npgen -- make image file for non-persistent objects


npgen -s rangeSize [-m mapfile] [-b baseOID] [-a] [-p] image_file binary_image


The npgen utility prepares a binary image file containing the non-persistent objects to be loaded with the kernel. The input image_file (from mkimage) defines the non-persistent objects.

A range of non-persistent objects containing rangeSize frames will be defined. This range contains the objects defined in the image_file, and additional objects available for allocation by the space bank.

Object IDs for objects will be assigned beginning with baseOID (0 if not specified.)

If mapfile is specified, npgen outputs there the mapping of indexes in the image_file to OIDs in the binary file.

If -a is specified, a preload image is appended to the binary_image.

If this npgen is for the non-persistent part of a persistent system, specifying -p will place a capability to the persistent volsize node in slot volsize_pvolsize of this volsize node. This is the magic that allows the non-persistent world to communicate with the persistent world. The persistent volsize node has a well-known fixed OID. If -p is not specified, slot volsize_pvolsize will have a node capability to itself.

The binary image file is described here.


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