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lsvol -- list volume attributes


lsvol [-h] [-d] [-c] volume


The lsvol utility displays various attributes and structures associated with a volume image. If no options are specified, lsvol displays the volume header of the designated volume.

The following options are available:


Display volume header.

The volume header identifies critical information about the CapROS volume, including the native page size, the locations of the primary and optional secondary division tables, and the boot flags.


Show division table.

The division table shows the locations on the volume of the various divisions. The fields in the division table entry are:

Start Starting sector number of the division.
End Bounding sector number (i.e. top plus one) of the division.
Size Size of the division in sectors.
Type Type of the division (see below).

If the division is of type Object, Log, or Kernel, a range of OIDs will also be displayed. For object and kernel divisions, this is the range of object identifiers contained in the division. For log divisions, this is the range of log locations contained in the division.

There are several valid division types:

Boot The division holding the bootstrap code. Always starts at sector zero.
DivTbl The division holding the division table. There may be up to two DivTbl divisions.
Object A division that holds nodes or pages.
Kernel A division that holds the bootable kernel image. This division is formatted just like an object division, and the kernel is layed out in consecutive pages within the division. The kernel division is mounted by CapROS as an object division.
Log A division containing space used by the checkpoint log.
FailStart The failstart entry is actually not a division at all. It provides a means to boot a recovery or startup application on a system image that does not have a checkpoint area (at all). This facility exists primarily to enable bootstrap floppies to go without a checkpoint area.

Show checkpoint directory.

This option is mostly of use for kernel development.


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